BoneWare Fork - Left Arm, Wrist and Finger Bone Names

BoneWare Knife - Femur Bone (Area) Names

The BoneWare knife design closely approximates the hip connection end, but the knee end was flatteneed and widened to create the knife blade.

The BoneWare knife does not show the knee area.

BoneWare Spoon - Skull Bone (Area) Names

The Frontal bone, Sphenoid, Temporal, Parietal & Occipital bones are commonly known as bone plates because they are separated by sutures or seams. The plates were soft during infancy and grow independently of each other. It happened that way so the brain could grow inside the skull.

BoneWare Cutlery doesn't show the individual plates or sutures.

Note: The spoon design was taken from Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. The young Prince Hamlet was contemplating mortality while holding Yorick's skull. Yorick was the court jester who died.

Bone Names