BoneWare Design and Development

The concept of eating utensils in the shape of human bone anatomy was day-dreamed in 2011 and remained just an idea until the Spring of 2014, when the first prototypes were created out of clay. Clay was a poor choice of materials because it was soft, too flexible and difficult to shape, plus the models were extremely delicate even after the clay was baked. However, it was good enough for proof-of-concept prototypes which people could hold in their hands and evaluate.

A second set of prototype models were created with epoxy-putty in the Spring of 2016 after much feedback and design considerations from family, friends and especially the mold-maker. The only way to bring this product to the public affordably was to make them out of plastic. This is done by injecting hot, molten plastic into metal molds that are cooled to solidify the plastic, it’s called plastic injection molding. See short Video.

The mold-maker creates metal molds that go inside a plastic injection molding machine. The level of complexity, advanced technology and the skill required to make BoneWare eating utensils, cannot be expressed enough! It took a combination of several academic, mechanical and artistic disciplines. The first step was sculpting accurate original models so everyone would know exactly what the end product was supposed to look like.

Creating the prototypes could have been faster and easier with a sculpting lesson or two and knowing which material to sculpt with. Sculpting took a whole variety of tools like micro hand files, small grinding tools, custom shaped blades, jewelers tools and sand paper, just to name a few. Most of the work was done under heavy magnification and took a month straight of 12 to15hr days.

Then the software gurus at Creative Dezign Concepts │ , created the first set of 3D measurements data from the sculpted models, other programmers converted the data so a machine could understand it, then mold designers had to figure out how the parts would come out of the molds, still other machine programmers programmed each individual movement of a milling machine (to cut out the cavities where the plastic is injected into) and then mold-makers / tool makers had to figure out how to make the actual mold units so they would fit and properly work inside the plastic injection machines. And finally programs were created in the injection molding machines for injection pressure, temperatures, holding times, etc, etc. All of the skills of those people involved in this project, were a culmination of decades of real-life experience in their individual fields of expertise. It may just be a formed piece of plastic, but what it took to create BpneWare is truly as high-tech as it gets!

No plastic eating utensil with the realism and design-detail like BoneWare had ever been attempted before. BoneWare took 7 years to go from an idea to mass production. It probably wouldn’t have been possible without Jim Hall, a premier mold-maker, who never gave up despite the complexity. Thank you Jim!

BoneWare was designed, developed and produced entirely in the United States of America. The name BoneWare is Trademark Pending and playfully describes our Patent Pending novelty eating cutlery. It was meticulously modeled after real human anatomy so it is both an educational tool as well as a unique, fun way to eat. This cutlery was designed for a wide variety of party themes, more than 20!!! However, some people who saw the prototypes during market research, said they would use them every day!

Fun BoneWare Party Themes:

  • Pirate
  • Steampunk
  • Margaritaville / Parrot Head
  • Renaissance
  • Halloween
  • Over-The-Hill Party
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Zombie
  • Get Well (broken bone)
  • Medical / Orthopedic
  • Mummy / Desert / Archaeology
  • Indiana Jones
  • Treasure Island / Nautical
  • Cajun / Swamp
  • Dog Birthday
  • Educational / Science
  • Day of the Dead
  • Mardi Gras
  • Safety Training
  • Shakespeare / Theater
  • Goth / Dungeon

Probable Future Products:

  • BoneWare in clear, florescent or glow in the dark plastic
  • Chrome plated
  • Hors d’oeuvre (appetizer) Set
  • Cake / Pie Serving Set
  • Punch Ladle & Ice Tong Set
  • Drink Stirrers
  • BoneWare in stainless steel

Product Description

  • 18 pieces total, a place setting for six.
  • Made from standard, high density eating utensil plastic.
  • Reusable and dish washer safe.
  • 6 Spoons, 6 Forks & 6 Knives come in a pack for $14.99 plus Shipping and Handling. (Sorry, currently not available on-line.)

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BoneWare is a “Doing-Business-As” Company owned by American Diverse Business, LLC

Manufactured in the US of A

font view of plastic fork bone-style utensil
font view of plastic knife bone-style utensil
font view of plastic spoon bone-style utensil
place setting of bone-style spoon, fork, knife around plate