A little bit of history...

BoneWare was designed, developed and produced entirely in the United States of America, including the packaging! The name BoneWare is Trademark Pending and playfully, but accurately describes our Patent Pending novelty eating cutlery. BoneWare was meticulously modeled after the human anatomy so it is both an educational tool as well as a unique, fun way to eat. This cutlery was designed for a wide variety of party themes. However, some people have said they would use them every day because they are sooooo cool!

Two sets of models were created, the second “Master Sculptures” took several months to perfect. From the master sculptures, molds were machined out of solid stainless steel so plastic BoneWare cutlery could be mass produced. The process sounds a lot easier than it was…

As a matter of fact, the very latest technological advancements in computer aided design software, digital scanning machines and laser 3D printers had to be utilized. It was the only way to get machines to achieve the same level of detail and quality found in the master sculptures made by hand. I know, it sounds counterintuitive that a machine can’t produce high quality and detail. They can, but transforming a sculpture into data a machine can understand is pretty intense. Even that statement was simplified because once the data was in a form a machine understood, a human still had to create a final program for the machine to make the injection mold.

But that’s not all… before production could begin, there was testing, sample runs and adjustments to ensure consistent AMERICAN quality. Our machines are state-of-the-art and some were specifically built for BoneWare production. American ingenuity is the reason we can produce our product for a low price point.

More designs are in development. BoneWare will soon be available in stainless steel too.

prototype mold of set of bone-style utensil
font view of plastic knife bone-style utensil
second prototype mold of set of bone-style utensil
place setting of bone-style spoon, fork, knife around plate